Anti-Amnesty Bill Dead on Arrival

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  1. Kurt Schmal says:

    This continuing collusion is why all of the establishment must be cleaned out!


  2. Kevin Beck says:

    So, only the Department of Human Stupidity can “protect us” from a terrorist attack? They have not even shown that they can stop a terror attack when all the facts are dumped in their collective laps. If you want proof, just remember: Boston Marathon.

    I would trust a half-dozen deer hunters before I would trust those goons from DHS. Because I know that at a minimum. those six would know what their target is.

    Additionally, we are being led downhill by a buffoon that will not call out these attackers for who they are, and will instead consider all terrorists to be those who oppose him on spending increases.


  3. Jerry says:

    This is the reason I have left the Republican Party and if the party does not stop and do what they told us they were going the next election they will loose and it will be a big lose. Now Boehner lied to us the first thing he did was give the president every thing he wanted they won the election because they said they would stop him. That has turn out not to be the case. We the people will remember this when we vote in 2016. The republicans are the same as the democrats.


  4. Miguel says:

    The majority of politicians in this country are free masons. They have an agenda that is in conflict with the American people and have been planning with free-masons from around the world for centuries to bring about a new world order. The conditions are now right because a requirement is for the world to descend into chaos so they can bring forward a ‘savior’ that will have all the solutions to the world’s ills. Obama is being used to take down America and ultimately crash the world’s economy. Obama probably doesn’t realize he’s being used by tremendously powerful forces, however he’s enjoying every moment of it. Once they’ve finished with him, they’ll get rid of him and create even more chaos.


  5. Tom S. says:

    I firmly believe that a government as corrupt and incompetent, as ours is, will never allow itself to be voted out of power. It has way too much to lose! We placed our faith and hopes in the Republicans during the midterm elections and, to date, that faith and hopes appear to have been betrayed (again).

    So, that means that Patriotic Americans must force our government to change!


  6. Daniel says:

    Obama has proved himself to be completely incompetent in foreign policy , rebuilding the economy, immigration and border security. The “great uniter” has damaged race relations, and an effective working harmony between the branches of the government (as the Founding Fathers were careful to try to protect in the Constitution). In his arrogance and ignorance, he insists on doing things his way, regardless of how many wiser men point out his errors. He ignores the advice of anyone who knows better, and surrounds himself with “yes men,” or those who parrot his foolish agenda. He’s increased the debt dramatically, yet wants to continue spending even more.

    In my opinion, he’s the worst president in history (that I know of), at a critical time, when the country needs the best. I hope enough of his supporters finally see through him, and that his horrible behavior helps to get a great Republican elected next time who can undo the damage. If it’s a Democrat, I’m afraid it’ll be more of the same.


  7. nelson says:

    The Republican establishment will continue to slap our faces and betray us conservatives every time they have a chance. The way the Republican party is presently going, I think a Democrat will be elected for president in 2016. I for one will not vote Republican unless a conservative is nominated.


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