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How to Recharge Your Phone in 30 Seconds

It’s the bane of cellphone users across the world…

Battery life.

No matter how much the smartphone revolution has transformed our lives – and arguably made our phones an extension of ourselves, given how much we use them – we still haven’t found a way to keep the darn things on for very long.

I mean, how often do you need to charge your phone?

But constantly monitoring the battery percentage could become a thing of the past, thanks to a new invention from Israeli firm, StoreDot…

From Dead to Alive in Half a Minute

Based in Tel Aviv, StoreDot harnesses the power of nanotechnology to recharge a battery in just a few seconds.

Specifically, the scientists’ method is based on a material called a nanodot – which they say is the world’s first bio-organic nano-crystal to be discovered.

StoreDot Founder and CEO, Doron Myersdorf, explains that by synthesizing these artificial molecules, it “enables the chemistry and improved physics required for fast charging. We’re using these bio-organic materials in order to enrich the movement of ions inside the battery – from the electrode to the electrolyte – in a faster way.”

Using the nanodots allows the battery to absorb and retain a charge much faster than the conventional plug-and-charge method.

How fast?

“With this technology, we can charge a battery in 30 seconds,” says Myersdorf.


The downside, however, is that the current battery is too big for a regular mobile phone, and can only supply enough juice for about half a day’s worth of typical usage.

But by next year, the team aims to have shrunk the battery down to size – and enable it to fully charge up for a whole day’s usage in just 30 seconds. And a major Asian telecom firm is helping to fund StoreDot’s R&D.

The initial cost would be $150 more than current batteries, but I’d expect that to decrease, as technology improves further and other companies develop similar technology.

Indeed, it’s not just the StoreDot team working on a better battery…

Singapore Super Gel

In Singapore, scientists at Nanyang Technological University are developing a battery that can recharge up to 70% full in just two minutes.

They’re not using nanodots… but they are using similarly tiny technology.

Specifically, a special gel that contains miniscule tubes of titanium dioxide, mixed with sodium hydroxide. The tubes are so small, they’re thinner than the diameter of a human hair.

Like nanodots, they pack the same recharging punch, enabling batteries to power up in a fraction of the time it takes at electric power outlets.

And like StoreDot, the university also has private funding to help the team develop the technology.

So while we’re still a way off having the perfect, long-lasting, quick-charging battery, the technology is inching closer – and a change for the better seems just a matter of time away.


Martin Denholm

Martin Denholm

, Managing Editor

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