Cyber Security Proposals Threaten Privacy

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  1. Kevin Beck says:

    The proper solution to this so-called problem is to start by focusing on the correct problem. And it is NOT individuals being able to communicate in private. Or do any other thing in private.

    As noted, the correct problem is the lack of secure structures for our personal data. And since many of the elite brain-trust in Washington, DC is illiterate in regards to the Constitution, they think that privacy of communications only means those communications that are made without electronic means.

    This is completely wrong.

    Also: As the Constitution clearly states, those activities that are not prescribed as areas for the Feds to intervene are left to the states and the people. Therefore, all communications are properly private, no matter the mode of communicating.

    Otherwise, we are controlled by the Feds that want this both ways.

    Solution #1 would be to abolish the FCC.


    Stan Hathcock Reply:

    I am as much a privacy advocate as the next guy. However, sometimes we have to give a little to get a lot. Right now, ISIS is using social media as a means of recruiting children 13 and under to 22 for their nasty attack on the free world. This needs to come to an end. Some “lock” or something needs to be done to stop this medium from being abused. We really don’t need Facebook to communicate or twitter or Instagram. The government needs to shut down these sites or make it impossible for someone to get on or use the sites for the purpose they are presently being used by the Islamic Terrorist and start to fight back at the same level they are attacking us.


  2. Rachel Farland says:

    This is EXACTLY the reason why I always use my trusty PureVPN account on all my devices, be it my phone or laptop. It gives me a sense of protection that is worth a thousand times its price.


  3. sparkyjim says:

    this has all gone too far already. i am shocked that everyone has let this undermining of our constitution not only happen, but continue. using, (and i mean like a useless disposable tool), companies to do his dirty work, and keep his hands clean, has got to be stopped.
    if he turns the f.c.c. into a “utility” company, he can totally seize all operation and control of it, WHEN he declares martial law.


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