Gold Rally and Euro Closely Connected

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  1. Mustosheer says:

    Sell high buy low. Not too long ago gold was around 1800 Dollars per ounce. Chase and other Swiss banks with the support of US government started selling gold like crazy at high price of $1800 and made tones of money that resulted in strong Dollar. With their strategy they brought Gold below 1100 Dollars not too long ago. Now it is time to buy gold for them ( Chase and others) at lower price and pocket the difference between $1800 and $1100.
    Who lost money? Eurozone, small governments, and people all over the world who listened to sold out people like…

    How long do you think Chase and others with the help of US government can do this? Gain for some is the loss for many others. US Dollar maybe strong, but is US economy really strong like 15 to 30 years ago? Everything we hear that US economy is strong that we are headed for best is just for the papers and public domain. Everything is like a balloon, big outside and empty inside. If Euro goes down, US Dollar will follow. The next best thing the Chinese Quan money that has interlinked to most market in Asia.

    Look around your house, what do you see, mostly Chinese brands, no matter made in China or designed and made in China.
    What is made in USA and Europe, mostly some high tech and other small electronic items that as we can see, they are headed to China and beyond in Asian market. It is true Boeing and some mambo Jumbo companies in US are doing good due to anti trust laws, but when other governments start really finding out how to maneuver, they will do so by taking the control of real economy, Not inflated economy.


  2. Brad says:

    Gold is doing things it rarely does. The oil price crashes, what does gold do? Climb? The US dollar climbs to all time highs, what does gold do? Climb with it? Gold is supposed to do the opposite. The market is finally waking up to the manipulation of gold prices by central banks. Expect this trend to continue. Don’t believe what you read in the mainstream about gold, there is propaganda being pumped out all over the place, particularly from Wall Street.


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