Making a Profit From Live Cattle Put Options

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  1. Dee says:

    This report was written by someone who isn’t familiar with specifically agriculture commodities. They forgot to relationship between corn and live cattle, they forgot the cattle cycle itself and they didn’t check on the patterns in the industry. So – – – the ideas re: trading are sound but the ideas specifically re: live cattle might bear a wee bit more investigation.


    Shelley Goldberg Reply:

    Dear Dee,

    Thank you for your comments. I am very familiar with trading live cattle, as well as feeder cattle and corn. And yes, these are all important facets of the market as is the cattle cycle as a whole. Limited space did prevent me from delving into the minutia of these areas. But surely anyone trading futures or options should not only be aware of all of the factors affecting the markets he or she is trading, but follow them religiously, like you seem to do. Perhaps down the road I will feature an article or articles that address these issues.


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