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Could This Shirt Save Your Life?


It might not seem the case sometimes… but the world is actually getting smarter.

And technology is driving the change to making our lives easier, safer, healthier, and more convenient.

One of the areas where technology is having an incredible impact is in wearable products.

And the industry is evolving so fast that it’s not just wearable “devices” that are being designed. It’s in products that we wear every day.

Like clothes!

Where Healthcare Meets Technology

Imagine if you had your own medical team following you around each day, constantly tracking all your vital signs…

Well, aside from being impractical, it would prove exorbitantly expensive, and unnecessary for most people.

That’s where the “smart shirt” comes in.

Put it on, and you can have all of the perks of an on-site medical team… albeit without the big production that comes along with it!

A team of technology, medical, and textile experts have created a shirt that not only monitors heart activity, but is also “able to detect any sort of disease that the person may have,” they say.

And if it senses any abnormalities, the device sends alerts directly to patients (and their doctors) on their cellphones.

It’s the latest example of healthcare marrying with technology to create a product that could be invaluable in terms of speeding up diagnosis and treatment.

A Design Worth Wearing

Just like any other item of clothing, the smart shirt is a regular-looking shirt and, despite the technology embedded inside it, it’s machine washable. And for the fashion-minded, the shirt comes in an array of colors and sizes.

But the team says the shirt’s design, coupled with the 12-lead electrocardiogram, gives it the edge on other wearable heartbeat monitors.

“If you have a problem in one part of the heart, you cannot see it if you have only one lead, so you can miss a lot of problems if you don’t get as good coverage as from a 12-lead ECG.”

The shirt also has a pocket to hold a transmitter, which sends real-time information to a cloud database. So doctors get an immediate look at a patient’s health, behavior, and any problems, as they go about their daily routines.

In addition, the developers believe the design could be adapted for high-risk pregnant women.

While the debate over health insurance for Americans continues to rage, this innovation proves that you can enjoy life while having a doctor monitoring your health from afar.

Expect to see commercial production early this year.

Tech Research Team