The Dark Side of the Internet of Things

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  1. Simon says:

    “While growth of the IoT has proved slower than anticipated so far (only 4% of the internet uses IPv6)”
    – why would you use IPv6 as a benchmark for IoT growth? The protocol used is not a function of the device as much as a function of the network environment it lives in. If my ISP hasn’t enabled IPv6, (or if I’ve chosen not to use it), my connected coffee maker is still an #IoT device regardless.


  2. John McCann says:

    IoT is the future of this world. Sure, it has some downsides as of now (major concern is the security), which definitely will be resolved in near future.
    IoT has brought something where the ‘things’ will be communicating with each other, helping streamline processes and their execution for most verticals.
    Completely agree with the downside mentioned, but the points mentioned are on the implementations where usage will be limited. Still, security is a major concern and headache for the tech companies and users, like fetching the personal data and lot more.


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