Will Cheap Oil Dethrone Natural Gas?

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  1. Elzie Lavery says:

    I recall in 1970, I bought my first house. Oil for the furnace cost 8 cents per gallon. Then in 1974, when the sheikhs had us over the barrel, and ever since, while the world’s energy needs have expanded, oil and the sheikhs have exploited every possible angle to get more and more. We sent Donald Trump over there to help them spend their money. Now they’re all mortgaged up, and we come along with a cleaner, better, safer fuel, and beat them on price. Natgas technology will lead the way to hydrogen technology. Let’s keep the foot on the pedal for natgas, that’ll get rid of all the gouging barons. As the price of oil goes down and down, so will Natgas. Technological marvels are increasing exponentially; possibly in my lifetime we will have small electrically operated devices such as these little oxygen machines, which will use distilled water to produce electric from the hydrogen it also produces, while also produces it’s own distilled water from any ground water and filtered source. As competitive free enterprise always affords, the machines may start around ten thousand a pop, will gradually cost about the same as a good trumpet…..to herald in a new era.
    As the writing on the wall is discovered, ISIS will turn inward and bring perpetual turmoil to the middle east, where ironically, good water is hard to find.


  2. Elzie Lavery says:

    Let’s take it a little farther, my last comment. Tired of utility company gouging? The little machine producing hydrogen will probably be made in China. Our gouging government has made it virtually impossible for us to manufacture anything in this country, by having manufacturers loaded with unending liabilities for the “safety and security and well-being” of any and all employees. You hire a man to do a roof and he falls off the second rung of the ladder and sues for a bad back, a “mechanic” pops a radiator cap off a hot radiator and sues for burned skin, a taxi driver comes to work drunk and kills three people, his employer held responsible. Americans have become nothing but a bunch of derelict ding-a-lings. Maybe the most likely scenario will be a nation where 92% of the population will be nothing but lawyers suing lawyers for malpractice. All employed by different government bodies. The other 8% will be too drunk or highed up to do anything but dribble while jaywalking or flopping around on the ground.


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