Expect a 242% Hike in Obamacare Fines for 2015

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  1. Mike Drouin says:

    And that’s only one dimension of the Collectivist society we now live in . Good bye America !


  2. Roberta McMillan says:

    As costly as obamacare is for me, and the extreme deductibles, even paying a hefty fine is still cheaper for me. I will qualify for medicare in 5 months – problem solved!


    Richard Date Reply:

    Right behind you. One year of Obama-sucks-outrage followed by age 65.
    Out to pasture, govt sponsored health care bliss at the expense of the working people and future generations who will probably have to renegotiate their social contract.


  3. Thomas says:

    This will not stop if anyone votes for Boehner and McConnell are chosen for speakers. They are traitors on the same train as Obama to take control of all U.S. economy through Washington. If they are chosen my vote will always be against them and the Republicans.


  4. Patrick Hickey says:

    Is this another one of the “reverse robinhood” deal for me? I am in my mid-70s with perfect health. I haven’t visited a medical doctor for decades. I do have Medicare because I don’t believe I can cancel it, but I haven’t paid for it.

    With an pension income of around 1k per month, how can pay for unnecessary Medicare expenses? Will the government just seize the funds from my stipend? That would leave me with only one alternative — some sort of crime. Great way to treat our elders,


  5. Ron smith says:

    This is supposed to be America the land of the free. Socialized medicine is a socialist & communist practice. When will the people of this country wake up and see what the government has became , They’ll be taking control of our property and personal belongings next.


  6. bree says:

    Id rather pay the penalty. The penalty is far less than the $3800 a year for insurance that seems like a scam .


  7. Leonard Swanger says:

    As I understand this penalty; it can only be deducted and not collected. If the IRS owes you money at years end; they can deduct the penalty but if you owe money they can’t collect the penalty.


  8. Brian says:

    I am disabled and what little bit of income I have coming in to pay the bills to take care of my family and then try and keep my insurance going through my employer is almost impossible. It would be cheaper for me to pay the fine also and live off the system but that is not the way I was raised. I pay the 500 a month for my family to be taken care of because I want the best of care for them,not what Obama Wanamaker thinks they need. The government is trying to control everything we do now,I read somewhere the other day where when you buy your land,car or anything else of value you may think you own it but in all respects the government owns it if they ever see fit to take it . Read the laws its weird screwy.


  9. Francisco Machado says:

    I fail to understand how anyone could listen to the Obama proposition that his Obamacare, the “Affordable” care act, would reduce health care costs. That increased insurance coverage, more health care for a larger number of people from the same beleaguered facilities could reduce the cost of health insurance. And that doesn’t even consider the multi millions spent on generation of twenty thousand pages of regulation, the time (=money) spent trying to conform to them, the hours of record keeping and filing, the increase in IRS employment, a billion at least in web sites that are marginally functional, the many employees hired to help people file, the business costs of the mandated thirty hour “full” work week, cadillac plan taxes…. and I doubt not there are many more costs. And Obama says “Lower healthcare costs?” Yeah, and you can keep your doctor, too.


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