Wealth Gap in America Widest Ever Recorded

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  1. Verna Brunswick says:

    The CEO’s get far too much of the wealth of a company. Companies are only as successful as the people performing the work to produce the wealth, yet the CEO’s take all of the wealth for their own income. It is all about greed. The CEO is only as brilliant as the people under them that come up with the ideas for change to produce a better product. The CEO is simply gathers information from his staff.


  2. henry knox says:

    Why is this news? Socialist policies always produce very large wealth gaps. Does anyone remember the ‘iron curtain’? Does anyone remember the Soviet Union? Dub!


  3. Cynthia Taylor says:

    Rothschild and J.P Morgan and the Rockefellers controlled the flow of currency thereby causing the depression in 1929 and the international bankers paid Booth to kill Lincoln, who printed greenbacks from the U.S. Treasury thereby taking away power from them. They also killed McKinley who also took power away from them by printing greenbacks and finally Kissinger masterminded the killing of Kennedy authorized by David Rockefeller and carried out by George Herbert Walker Bush, the CIA who did not want Kennedy to control Majestic12 that being Alan Dulles and John Foster Dulles and Johnson who hated the Kennedys and had Mac Wallace kill 29 people including Johnson’s own sister. The day after Kennedy was killed Rockefeller had all dollar bills removed from circulation that said redeemable for silver and replaced them with bills that say good for payment of public debt. They are all killers whose goal is to have a centralbank owned by Rothschild all over the world. There are only 3 banks that are not owned by Rothschild. They are in Cuba, North Korea and Iran. Iran is next to fall so they can extract the oil. Wake up!


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