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Shake It Like a Computer Mouse?


In almost every movie set in the future, there’s a scene where the characters are encompassed by a huge computer screen and are deftly flicking images around with their hands.

Well it looks like we’re getting just a little bit closer to that kind of full-body interaction with technology through the “mouse chair.”

Sensors on this chair, created by Dutch inventor Govert Flint, translate body movement into commands. Just one swift kick of the leg, or a few smooth motions of the limb… and users can guide a cursor around the screen and select options just like a real computer mouse.

True Body Transformation

The technology’s purpose is two-fold. The chair not only offers a cool alternative to the standard handheld mouse, but the designers are hoping that it’ll get office workers moving while they work.

Flint points out the need for change in the workplace: “Instead of using our body energy in working life, we make it passive – and in our leisure time, we compensate it with sports or a healthy lifestyle. And this is an attempt of integrating body movement with expression and working life, so you can express with your body while you work… so it’s trying to evoke bodily expressions in your productive life and to make your body useful. Without that, you have to do enforced movements like fitness or sports.”

Office workers spend about 75% of the work day sitting in a chair, which can lead to an increased risk of heart disease, obesity, diabetes, and cancer.

But with every twist and kick, Flint argues that the chair could be the remedy.

It’s also been proven that physical movements are also connected with emotions. Research by Aalto University in Finland shows that “happiness relates to full-body movement.”

While writing an email could be exhausting if using the current prototype, Flint says that motion sensors could be used alongside the mouse chair – making it a viable product for a healthier, happier work life.

Tech Research Team