Energy Guru Bets Big on Chesapeake

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  1. Bill Holland says:

    Amazing. You wrote the entire analysis of Dunham’s stock picks without once mentioning he’s the chairman of Chesapeake Energy’s board. An insider. Who is required to hold a certain amount of CHK stock and is paid, in part, with CHK stock.



    Karim Rahemtulla Reply:

    Yes, I probably should have mentioned that he is indeed a member of the board, which is public information and widely available. But Dunham is not required to buy any shares. He may receive shares form the company, but all the purchases I mentioned in the article were open-market purchases (as I clearly stated). Dunham’s position also does not negate his expertise and track record.


    Jason Reply:

    What’s truly amazing is how guys like Bill think they know industry rules and regulations only to stick their foot in their mouth. Haha – Bill when have you EVER heard of someone being required to buy stock? Last time I checked, this was a free country…


    Joseph E Fasciani Reply:

    Exactly, Karim Rahemtulla. And spot on, due to the cyclical and geopolitical nature of oil-gas plays.

    Always has been, ever since the Rothschilds and Rockefellers got into it, and always will be till the wheels stop sucking on O&G as primary movers, say about 2050? I’m nearly 72, not likely to see it, but my children and grandkids wills.

    Not to worry: they’ve already been schooled by Grumpa. Google/cluuz ‘joseph e fasciani’ on energy articles and see what comes up.


  2. Oops says:

    Woops. So much for this 1 being anywhere near accurate.


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