The Bitcoin Revolution Begins

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  1. Bitcoin Truthsaver says:

    Bitcoin, and the underlying blockchain is going to disrupt global computing, and global financial services.

    Bitcoin will create new winners, and new losers.


  2. S,K,LIMAYE says:

    Not very long ago, maybe a few months back, you had predicted the imminent fall of Bitcoin and advised your readers to stay away from it. Now you seem to have reversed your position.


  3. Tchiock says:

    All the more reason for Boehner to take over the Fed and change it back to Constitutional control by Congress and to change the Tax system to a Consumption tax (One tax and one tax only) and get rid of the IRS (as we know it) along with 80,000 pages of tax regulation nonsense!


  4. Tchiock says:

    Bit coinage is exactly we have now and have had since 1913! Fractional Reserve Banking is nothing more than “thin air” promissory notes or “Bit Coin!”


  5. Bob says:

    A proof of stake version of bitcoin would be needed in order to compensate for inflation.As of now bitcoin is deflationary.Also these early bitcoin miners and hoarders are holding too many bitcoins and the dispersal of coins is dysfunctional however a new cryptocurrency called stellar is trying to address this but this stellar currency is not decentralized whereas bitcoin seems to be.


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