Unconstitutional Military Moves Into Syria…

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  1. Roger L. Gast says:

    The president, yes, should follow protocol and constitution in issues of legalities. I agree. However; the president’s record at ending wars, finding and eliminating bin laden; bringing unemployment under 8%; gas prices dropping 2 cents a day here in Omaha, NE. Has inherent powers as commander in chief and for his administration to jump ship and bail out on him is insubordination and treasonous. You don’t have to agree with the president but you do have to follow him. Stop the politics and finding reasons to hate the president. Be a patriot or be a problem. Get in line.


  2. Thomas says:

    The terrorists only kill innocent people because they are cowards and know today’s leaders and politicians in this country are also cowards. When the terrorists start killing the families of leaders and politicians maybe we will see some sense on this fight against evil. You can only conquer evil by doing worse to them and make them fear you. You would think that would be easy for our current dictatorship.


  3. Harry says:


    Apparently your zeal for Marxists has exceeded your patriotism. He may hold the title of president and wield the club, but that is only because congress is to spineless to stop him. (1) He is an illegal president and he is lawless. You may be able to close your eyes half way and see a silver lining, but this indicates you have a problem with clear set of ethical standards. Does the end justify the means, comrade?


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