Jim Rogers Weighs in on Commodities Carnage

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  1. EJ Eckerson says:

    I have followed Jim Rogers for years/believe he was born in Alabama/agree with bright future of agriculture/weather/water key issues as well as demand/US farmers have problems with current lower prices/high costs/need to grow other crops than corn/soy/non-GMO big deal as people want more local grown food.


  2. easa menon says:

    Hi I am following from this poor country India. I have following Jim just for laughs. He has been like Peter Schiff always predicting end days for investors in stocks. He was predicting oil and gold at sky high prices, now that it is proved wrong he is saying wait for correction and buy. He surely lost his bearing and should retire into some hill. This world is not run by economist or accountants who use the past data -1930’s, 1987 etc, and predict crash. World has changed and so should these blokes. Or else I suggest he enjoy his time in America bars -like I used those days in Chicago -and forget the world. And confuse people. Gulf Oil CEO Joe Petrowski predicted oil prices would be $50 by 2013, of course he was not adjusting for market technicals, but he is right. However at that time Jim was screaming oil would be $200 and beyond. Please be careful about such hysterical advisors like Jim who are led by emotions and not what is in their head. Crash happens when there is greed.


  3. James Minnema says:

    He must be losing a lot f money on the agricultural commodities if he is stlll bullish. I would like to see what he says today. He must be broke.


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