Have Republicans Thrown in the Towel?

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  1. L.E. Liesner says:

    We would be hard pressed to blame the Republican congressional leadership for this policy, because there is no leadership, only capitulation. Putting Boehner back in as Speaker of the House is confirming Einstein’s thoughts on insanity, and McConnell as Majority Leader of the Senate does nothing but re-enforce those same thoughts. The go along to get along career politicians have been the downfall of this country, as the old saying goes, ” Politicians, like baby diapers, should be changed frequently and for the same reason.”


  2. Jerry says:

    If the republicans do not keep their promises to the people in the 2016 election we will see a lot of new faces (called independents) win the election, then neither the rep or democrats will be in charge any more. Did the republicans also lie to us in order to win?


  3. Brine says:

    This is why so many conservatives sit out elections. What a slap in the face. We keep getting RINOs in White House runs that always lose for that very reason. They may completely lose their base before they figure out we don’t want two Democrat parties running the show.


  4. Rick says:

    Obama never actually signed any Executive Order. He signed a couple of Memorandums on the day that were just smoke and mirrors. The State Attorney Generals know this – it is in their lawsuit.
    Look on the White House website, no Executive Order.

    Giant Scam alert for the public.


  5. john says:

    Let’s hope that some of the new faces in the congress and senate keep reminding Boehner to do what the american people who gave the republicans the power to do. To blame others is easy…to do what’s right and not expedient shows character.


  6. Earl P. Holt III says:

    John Boehner — like his colleagues Mitch McConnel and RNC Chair Reince Priebus — couldn’t lead a pack of Cub Scouts to the latrine.

    They are cowardly, they are dull-witted, and they have been bought by the pro-immigration forces in the Chamber of Commerce…


  7. Jawaid manzoor says:

    Blames follow with a house in disorder. But this is the general picture all over the world, with at least there is semblance of the governments working through coalitions for action. Difference in US is that the House and Senate are independent and can join or oppose regardless of whatever party in power.


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