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Kiss Goodbye to Your Boring Keyboard and Mouse


When it comes to what we want from today’s modern technology, most of us would probably say we want things that make our lives easier, more convenient, and gives us greater control.

Well, imagine having control over any device or gadget nearby. Sounds like some voodoo business, right? Or something that would turn you into a megalomaniac Bond villain.

Such technology is now reality, thanks to the Erghis Sphere – an invention that seems like make-believe… but is very real and very practical.

You see, the Swedish designers have developed this touch-free technology, in hopes that it’ll leave the standard keyboard in the dust.

Here’s how it works…

Turning Illusions Into Reality

Thanks to a mini-sensor that tracks various hand commands and gestures, and computer visualization technology, the prototype is able to accurately respond to users’ actions.

Therefore, one can perform all the normal functions of a computer and mouse simply by twisting and tapping the virtual sphere.

So while the sphere itself is imaginary, it gives users control over their real-life experience.

And according to Holger Andersson, Chief Technology Officer of Erghis Technologies, this device is superior to current swipe technology, which often fails when it comes to accurately differentiating between different gestures.

So while others are fumbling with their swipe-tech devices, Erghis users are able to find letters and switch commands quickly, easily, and accurately. It’s that simple.

Even better… the device is programed to constantly evolve.

CEO of Erghis Technologies, Ors-Barna Blenessy, explains, “You can save your configurations of the sphere, put them online, and share them with other people, so that if perhaps someone has made a Chinese language sphere… then you should be able to very quickly and easily download it yourself.”

Next-Generation Technology

As mind-blowing as the sphere is, though, the designers aren’t satisfied with its current state. In fact, the next version will have more advanced sensors – which follow users from a distance.

“All the interaction becomes relative to your hands, so you could move around the room. You don’t necessarily need to stand in front of the screen. In fact, you don’t need a screen to interact with at all; you can interact with any form of technology. So dim the lights in your home, and control any sort of smart device.”

Here’s the million-dollar question, though: Will folks ditch the standard keyboard and switch to Erghis instead?

Well, time will tell… but the virtual sphere is certainly a big jump forward in touch-free technology.

Tech Research Team