Global Deflationary Pressures Are Mounting

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  1. Phil Schelin says:

    This is a view from the working poor in the US .
    While we appreciate a temporary break in fuel prices – the reasons are part of the political oil – energy cold war and prices will return to cover the costs in drilling.
    Fracking is a money loser plus no law exists to cover the damages done to the environment.
    The republicans still don’t understand the impact that higher wages actually improve the everyday economy because those wages return to the economy, unlike the zero interest hedge funds that haven’t created one decent long term job.
    In the meantime, healthcare costs are out of control, local governments continue to raise fees on every transaction – install “faulty” traffic cameras to fund out of control budgets.
    There is commodity product shrinkage that is intended to “fool” the consumer.
    Renters are given this reason for 2015 price increases –“As you know “-all prices have risen.
    Yet the media continues to lie to the consumer about the true inflation rate, as the fed does for changing the equation for social security payouts.
    This is what we understand: Inflation is what we have to purchase for everyday living – deflation is what everything we own is now worth.


  2. buildcastles says:

    There have only been three years since 1969 with inflation lower than 1.5%. The rate is still running fairly close to 2% in the USA. Low oil price will bring the price down for shipping almost all items but wholesalers may prefer to pocket those savings since their profits have been under pressure for the last couple years.


  3. Bill says:

    Europe is about 10 years behind Japan and the USA is 10 years behind Europe. In 20 years, the Fed will still be debating whether to raise interest rates.


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