The $263M Effort to Prevent Another Ferguson

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  1. Robert Richey says:

    It would not have mattered had someone had ten cameras set up in Ferguson shooting from all angles. The idiots going around with their hands in the air chanting hands up don’t shoot would still not believe it happened the way it did. They are looking for an excuse to demand more be given to them, or to steal and burn. You have to know they are who Gruber was speaking of when he described America voters as stupid. I doubt that one out of a hundred who were participating in the looting and burning are job holding tax paying citizens.


  2. Earl P. Holt III says:

    A MUCH better idea would be to install these cameras on every Obama Administration political appointee and each member of the Black Caucus in Congress:

    It will facilitate future prosecutions…


  3. Greg Miller Greg Miller says:

    This is all serious business, of course, with important consequences for public and police safety and for trust in the police. But in the spirit of the holidays I thought I’d share a more lighthearted application for body cameras, courtesy of the Lowell, Michigan Police Department.


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