America Faces Another Shutdown?

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  1. Art Frewin says:

    I am ashamed to say I am a boomer. We have destroyed the economy to live above our means and not balance the budget. They are making the end that much worse. It will be very bad. The ideas we had have all gone out the window for money just like almost all the politicians have their hands in deep pockets. I blame everyone of them. They should all be thrown in jail!!


  2. giley1 says:

    The danger signs are all there on the out of control spending and it just keeps getting worse. More give away programs to people who have violated our immigration laws inviting more illegal immigration. In the meantime, billions spent on wars with religious fanatics. The ball is now in the GOP’s court and they best get it right this time or the calamities will continue and 2016 will be the turning point of bigger government control vs personal liberties and choices


  3. Frank says:

    Tell us something we don’t already know…


  4. Cynthia Taylor says:

    You are ignorant of the true culprits.

    We need to return the power of the country back to the U.S. Treasury and print our own notes. The Federal Reserve hired Booth to kill Lincoln because Lincoln printed Greenbacks without the Rothschilds and international banker’s. These same banker’s killed President McKinley and Rockefeller killed Kennedy because Kennedy was going to get rid of the Federal Reserve. Do your homework. We can take back our country and pay off the debt. Go to the website and start reading.


  5. Kevin Beck says:

    I wish that Congress would just go along and take credit for the government shutdown that we can expect like clockwork every year. If they look at it as bad, then I would like to remind those people that the Republican membership in the House and the Senate expanded after last year’s shutdown. So it really can’t be bad. We all know that any shutdown will be blamed on the Republican party, no matter what the actual dynamics of control are.

    At least, that way they can get blamed for actually taking a principled position. And they will find that position has good results the next time elections come around.


  6. Jawaid manzoor says:

    Congress V Executive:
    Congress can make life miserable if it has the will and once people get angry. Problem is leadership within. When Gordon Grenitch(?) started the “Republican revolution” years back capturing the congress wall to wall, he sank it all with his own hands. He then reappeared as recent election Presidential hopeful, if more as proxy candidate creating even greater confusion till leaving in the middle. But this is the US system as ever – no surprises.


  7. Jawaid manzoor says:

    I think within all doomsday scenarios often the resilience of US enormous GDP economy is not properly understood. Come to crises, money will come from the private sector to rejuvenate consumerism – jobs and spending power. Currently, the effort to milk on the public sector now running out of cash. Look at the other way, how Japan once 6 trillions in debt now carries a large surplus, same with Korea hurt during late 1990. Ultimately, it is also problem of expectations that will change in number of sectors of the economy. One may dare say, federal reserve is private as against others… Should it have been?


  8. Peregrine says:

    You scare, me Floyd! You hit the mark every time. So do I, which is why I don’t carry a gun, even though my nickname was DEADEYE Jane. This Article is on THE MARK, and terrifically frightening. I have always believed they were all in DC just for the money and connections. Your articles prove it is true. I feel nauseous. How do we STOP this. How do we change the minds of political voter idiot robots, about how to vote, what a vote means and how to choose a candidate that will fight for the rights of free Americans?


  9. Robert says:

    I say we introduce a new bill that pays all politicians their states minimum wage and we vote every year to see if they earned a $100,000 bonus. I think that would either fix the issues with congress or weed out the ones living for special interest bribes.


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