Fracking Industry Finds a New Savior

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  1. txbadonetoo says:

    If CO2 is so bad, why is it a natural gas which plants need to perform photosynthesis? And why has ‘global warming’ been on hiatus for 18 years?

    When authors such as yourself stop taking airplanes to attend conferences (if you’re so anti-carbon) and ride a bike to work, I might listen to you.

    Until then, you and Al Gore are just hypocrites in my book.


  2. Tchiock says:

    American people are not fooled by your Tax (and spend) nonsense– Obama and Left of Field Congress are, but we are not!


  3. eric wynne taylor says:

    Fracking (the cracking) of the earth releases methane that cannot be recovered, with methane far more powerful than carbon for similarly messing up the environment. Farmers are capping cattle compost piles & filtering methane of water & impurities, before storing it to use to drive modified gas combustion electric generators on the positive side, but you can’t capture fractured earth methane.


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