Bitcoin Accepted Into the Mainstream

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  1. TW says:

    Get your Bitcoins (or partial) now, as when Wall Street gets seriously into the game and it becomes more mainstream, the use and then price are going to quickly head upwards. Market demand will well outpace available Bitcoins.


  2. JU says:

    Go long on Cryptos and short on Bitcoin. Bitcoin has not, (and in my opinion, will not) cross the chasm to consumer acceptance.

    There will be a dominant crypto but Bitcoin is too flawed, too slow, transaction fees in real terms are too expensive and it lacks leadership.

    Bitcoin is a great example of what could be but it isn’t a currency, it’s not an efficient payment mechanism and it’s not a stable store of value.

    Trading today it’s amongst traders that get a rush from the concept, but the rush is unsustainable as better technologies evolve.


  3. Enterprise miner says:

    All in all a well written article and very positive article. Most surprising to me is to see this article coming from Wall street Daily. The very same company that a year and half year ago was pronouncing Bitcoin to be a “scam” “Beware of This Insidious New Currency Scam Published Mon, May 20, 2013 | Louis Basenese, Chief Technology Analyst” and to in no uncertain terms recommend that investors steer clear of it. However that was when Bitcoin was trading at $118 Dollars. 6 months later it had topped 1,200. a 1,000% return! Wow! that was terrible advice looking back with 20/20 vision. And in this article there is another piece of terrible advice. (“Whatever you do, it’s probably wise for retail investors to stay away from Bitcoin “mining.”) This clearly shows that the author has not done their homework. Bitcoin Mining is the foundation for everything being built in the Eco-system. Every dollar invested in any of the much heralded VC investments, now well over $500,000,000 is a sign that Wall street, Silicon Valley and now even the NYSE, USAA and mega Spanish bank BBVA are banking on Bitcoin Mining staying profitable. If mining became unprofitable and the miners stopped mining every red cent invested would be money down the drain. Betting on Bitcoin by trading it or back any particular company in the space is a much larger gamble than investing in a Bitcoin mining company. There profits are guaranteed, they must always make money or the mining stops. So the price of an individual Bitcoin must always be high enough to sustain a profitable mining sector. The author would be correct to advise against mining in your garage or as a hobbyist, that boat has sailed. But seeking out large enterprise mining operations to invest in would be one of the wisest decisions anyone interested in Bitcoin investing could make. Companies like Digital BTC in Australia the first listed Bitcoin miner, or Bitvest Digital Mining here in the U.S. which just moved all their equipment to Iceland where there’s cheap clean energy and favorable weather conditions to keep production costs low. There’s huge opportunities in large scale mining. I think the author should do a little more research before making so bold as statement.


  4. Jim says:

    Most of the key players in Bitcoin have been removed from the business – two by way of alleged suicides. The only reason that Wall Street is now getting involved in Bitcoin is because the intent of the central banks is to create a cashless society.

    Bitcoin will simply be part of this cashless system, as paper currency (which has never had real value and was initially created as a convenience and only used to represent the amount of real gold that was contained in one’s bank account) is completely phased out, as part of the Communist world government that is on the horizon under the House of Rothschild.

    Wall Street sees bitcoins as the newest metal commodity to profit off of. That is why they have had this sudden change in heart about the concept over the past year.


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