China’s Rate Cut Spurs Speculation

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  1. kasper_Goering says:

    I remember in 2000 when Bush was running for president. I was working on a job when I saw a painter with a Bush sticker on his hardhat. I asked him “…why are you voting for Bush?” He said “…I’m tired of paying so many taxes.” I told him in the summer of 2000 that if Bush were elected there would be another Great Depression. And I was right.


  2. Jim Sadler says:

    I am somewhat convinced that the US economic system has always been a sort of nonexistant reality. At the very root of it all is allowing complex transactions and contracts. I think the ancients understood this and banned such things as earning interest and allowing people to live without manual labor for their bread. It is not just that the economy is a time bomb but every single thing that we are used to is on shakey ground. In the past when the public became unhappy or uncomfortable it was simply a matter of storming the castle and putting the leaders heads on dislay along with many wealthy folks as well. I think we are already seeing that in the US where many people brazenly violate all kinds of laws.


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