Could This Device Destroy the Craft Beer Industry?

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  1. Greg says:

    Other products have already been around for years, the bars are just too lazy to use them


  2. Ron Callahan says:

    If you want hoppier beer, just buy it. There are plenty of options out there and I trust a trained brewer to better be able to determine the right mix of hops and yeast and malt to make a balanced beer versus a bartender who just wants to add hops to Bud Light.


  3. Greg Miller Greg Miller says:

    Thanks for your comments. I’ve seen fresh-hops systems before and even got an opportunity to try some beer from Randall the Enamel Animal. I don’t think I’d be as excited about this product as I am if I hadn’t tried freshly-hopped beer. The difference with this product is that it allows beer to be customized on a single-serving basis. The other systems are more for keg or partial-keg quantities.

    And of course there will still be room for beers hopped or otherwise flavored by the brewer as opposed to the brewista. This product, if it commercializes, will give another option to bar owners and customers and it remains to be seen how that might play out but if anything I think it’s likely to speed the ongoing trend toward interest in more-flavored beers.


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