Let the Clean Coal Battle Begin

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  1. Lamarre Notargiacomo says:

    No doubt those companies benefitting from the technology boom, will be funding the “Republicans” who create laws favorable to their industries. And I thought I had a voice! We are headed for the ash heap of history, but ignorance is bliss.


    Alan Reply:

    So you are against any technology that doesn’t fit your ideology? You are closed minded and bias against the GOP and totally against debating or letting science be open and free to find new sources of energy no matter who funds them. You seem to forget the liberals (Democrats) created laws and were funded by those who believe as you, without input from people like me who also thought I had a voice. And yes I guess you are rolling in your own bliss right now.


  2. Frances C says:

    Really important report…..but why would anyone think Republicans are against such improvments? Their goal is the good of the country.


  3. Tom Pendergast says:

    Hi Karim!

    You might want to take a look at what the National Energy Technology Laboratory in Pittsburgh and Wheeling and its collaboration with the University of West Virginia and PRC scientists are doing with “clean coal” technology.

    As well, see Duke Energy’s Edwardsport, Indiana plant.


  4. Bob Ashworth says:

    CO2 nor any other gases in our atmosphere warm the earth. They cool it. The same atmosphere reflects energy from the SUN (our source of energy) to outer space that reflects energy back to the earth. There is over twice the energy from the sun than is reflected from the atmosphere back to earth. The AGW people have no common sense!!!!!!


    Phoenic Alfred Reply:

    I agree and it frustrates me that someone as intelligent as Karim repeats known lies that have been advanced by the lazy butts at University and Government that create straw horses so they can get tax payer money from stupid government bureaucrats that know nothing. Over 3000 real climate scientists have gone on record saying that there is no global warming. Also, the system is so complex yet it is influenced more by the sun and the oceans than by humans or animals. One volcano eruption blows 4 to 5 years of work to reduce carbon emissions. Has anybody got the guts to say we can control the volcanoes?


    algoa Reply:



  5. Tim Singleton says:

    “The science behind the damage is irrefutable. ”

    Whatever, man. I hope the damage to the economy is worth continuing on with this lie.

    The IPCC has been caught lying.

    CO2 levels trail the temperature level.

    10,000 years ago, CO2 levels were 400 – 500% higher than they are now, which many biologists think may have led to the agricultural revolution.

    CO2 is not a poison gas.


  6. Dragan says:

    Hi Karim,
    just to add that a gas turbine can work in Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) where the secondary steam turbine is added to the primary gas turbine. This increases the efficiency to 54% compared to 35% for coal and 42% for gas power plants.
    When looking into the CO2 emission per MWh of electric power, gas comes as even cleaner winner.

    The coal plants require a lots of equipment and the instruments are typically replaced every 6 months and the generators and turbines must go through annual maintenance. The coal is cheap, but producing electricity from it is expensive, and hence profitable for the equipment and services suppliers. That is the reason why the coal lobby is so powerful. However the same equipment is needed in CCGT plants. Combine that with the shale boom and it is easy to see that the companies that can deliver this technology will be busy in decades to come.

    Dragan Babovic


  7. Korean_Vet says:

    England, because they’re part of the European Union, is selling 2 of their airports to avoid paying ‘Excessive Taxes’-! But I found a website where the British Air Minister disclosed their “Scientific-Study for 2008”–which named 18,000 Jet-Liners as the #1 Cause and ‘top 12% to all Co2 Pollutions in the Atmosphere-! Here’s an Example-( 12% X 5yrs. = 60%)-a “Solid majority” of those Co2 Gases-! There aren’t any Factories nor ‘Coal-Fired’ Power Plants above 25,000 feet-!
    There are no cars in this ‘cold-thin’ atmosphere-! But 18,000 commercial Jet-liners visit this ‘Cold Thin’ atmosphere–every day-! The Jet-Engines do carry Co2 Gases into this upper-atmosphere-!
    You must understand that a Jet-Liner uses more fuel during just it’s “Take-Off” than 500 Cars! The size of 1 Jet-Engine Exhaust compared to a car’s Tail-pipe–is clearly seen by a 4 yr-old, you don’t need a PhD to realize the difference-! Most of the Co2 Gases–were transported by Aircraft, not by cars, nor by Factories or by ‘Power-Plants’-! In a ‘recent news-forum’, Southwest Airlines stated their Jets made 1.5 million”Climbing Ascents” to Cruising Altitude–during one year’s time-! This is like 3 continuous “Freight-Trains” dumping “Box Car” Loads of Co2 “Green-House” Gas into the Atmosphere-! Does anyone else have questions on the Lies–given by “Global-Warming” Idiots-?


  8. samsense says:

    A good argument to support a bad argument? Seems little impact from CO2. Appears to only be an envronmental issue in Liberal, anthracitic minds (non-flexible.) Otherwise, it has application.


  9. nolanthe says:

    Can you imagine a crown corporation in Saskatchewan would have the wherewithal? My sons steamfit that boundary dam job.


  10. Tom Blasingame says:

    The problem is not with the Coal – It’s the Air.
    “Normal” air is 20% Oygen and 79% Nitrogen.
    The Nitrogen is a retardant and will not burn,
    it just hangs around to form Nox.
    In our steam locomotives designs, we plan to use
    “Synthetic Air(tm)”, which we will make on the
    locomotive on demand. The “Synthetic Air(tm)”
    has 80% Oxygen and 17% Hydrogen. Because
    we will have four times as much Oxygen, we will
    have only 25% of the combustion gases.
    The next problem is SOx. We specifically
    exclude any Coal containing sulfur. That gets
    rid of that problem. The final problem is the
    CO2. We combine the CO2 with the “Synthetic
    Air(tm)” to make Syngas, which we will use as
    a secondary fuel. That eliminates the CO2
    fuel problem. Because of these refinements,
    we can meet the EPA Tier 4 locomotive regs
    and the rail mobile electric gen units can meet
    the power plant regulations. Coal-fired steam
    locomotives (steam-electric or condensing
    reciprocating) can operate at a fuel cost of
    25% of the cost of diesel fuel.


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