Will LNG Exports Increase Your Electric Bill?

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  1. Barry says:

    You say “the price of natural gas in the United States will NOT spike as a result of anything other than speculation”, because “the United States is flush with… natural gas” , and “That fact alone will keep natural gas prices in a tight range between $4 and $5 “. So therefor “LNG exports will do nothing more than stoke greater production from vast fields that are sitting idle (due to current prices)”.
    BUT, if future prices are the same as current prices, then NO production should be “stoked”, and supplies for domestic use will be reduced by about 10%. Then with flat to increasing domestic demand (from utilities, industry and manufacturing), prices MUST rise.


  2. Larry Taylor says:

    I’m all for free enterprise, but it does not make sense to increase the price of domestic LNG if the export market is so lucrative. Let the foreign market absorb the extra cost so domestic users
    that do not have extra funds can feel secure.
    Most LNG users are poor elderly people with no way to increase their income.


  3. Bruce Fouraker says:

    As long as we are able to produce an almost unlimited supply of natural gas for the next 30 to 50 years the prices will not skyrocket, regardless of foreign demand.


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