Huckabee Declaring Holy War?

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  1. Elliot Brown says:

    This is why Islam denies that this has ever happened. If they can get the world to forget it, they can repeat it without resistence. And it won’t be six million victims. It will be sixty million or six hundred million.


  2. CP says:

    What about our own FEMA concentration camps that are already built right here in the USA? What does Huckabee say about that?


    Tabitha Korol Reply:

    You have to be nuts to compare FEMA camps with Hitler’s concentration camps and the ovens.


    Freedom Lover Reply:

    We have those camps in Canada too. Many are American camps built here to hide their existence from Americans. Guess what Tabitha, they HAVE OVENS and they are huge. They are built in vast areas of wilderness and they have train tracks coming and going. At the last report I had on capacities, about 12 years ago, they could handle six million people at a time. So, who’s nuts? Those who believe that FEMA camps are not a serious threat to humanity.


  3. Scott Fritsch says:

    In the spring of 1933 there was a secret pact between the German government and the Zionist (founders of the State of Israel) to immigrate German Jews to Palestine. Americans have no idea of this because of propaganda. This was happening when there was a large Jewish boycott of German goods, which made an impact on Germany’s economics, which was already in bad shape. It was an act of war. Check it out, there was 70 of these rallies here in the U.S.


  4. Tabitha Korol says:

    If Mike Huckabee understand Nazism and the fact that their textbooks erased the truth, they burned books and modern education, and filled their textbooks with fascism, why doesn’t he understand that Common Core does the same thing? CC books diminish America, diminish Judaism and Christianity, teach the religion of Islam while hiding the true blood-nature of that ideology, which leads to the students’ loss of what our country stands for. How can he not be aware, yet he appears not to be.


  5. Dr Theo Thatcher says:

    If we can focus on values of life and liberty and the common good of love…
    Even to the highest point being Gods Word, it will bring Truth in Love. It will resonate in all. It will cross all party lines and all Race!!!!!! The common thread of doing good and realizing we are entering a time of Polarity and that it’s time to Raise the Flag of the one true God and like it or not we are going to have to take the fight to the Muslims. They drew first blood. This has to be fought in Washington. New laws and restrictions, because now the fight is here and the Mosques cannot continue to produce these radicals and for the first time our freedom here in America is now threatened. On a religious level of good vs evil. Not over land and not over freedom from taxation but over the soul and life itself!!!
    We must meet the enemy where the fight needs to be fought. And now it’s come down to the local U.S. citizen having to defend himself and family and friends and be ready for an attack. Let’s not be fooled as to why they are here and begin to really talk openly about it as it matters.
    Political correctness is over on this fight.
    There is an elephant in the room and it’s not a political Party!!!!! It’s the Devil in Sheeps Clothing and more importantly even out of Sheeps Clothing and in plain sight.
    Band of Brothers
    Jesus is Lord and the God of Love
    The one true savior
    Shout it from the mountain tops
    Theo Thatcher…. I for one as Brother Huckaby want to stand and be counted as standing on the side of Right Standing


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