Putin: The Next Hitler?

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  1. Jarhead says:

    But are the Polish Nazi’s following Hitler’s or Obama’s Playbook?


    Peter Reply:

    The text refers to Putin’s Russia threatening Poland not Polish Nazis.
    It seems you just look at the picture and did not read the text.


  2. joebanana says:

    So after their easy defeat in America, they’re moving on to Poland? This place is tore up, from the floor up.


  3. brtanner says:

    American military, hiding their identities, on the border of Russia, worried about a Russian invasion? Hmmm.


    Lema Reply:

    Well said. The truth is that everybody else should worrying about American invasion.


  4. MAONCITY says:

    Rather than hysteria, look at the facts. How many countries has Putin bombed vs the US? How many regime changes has Putin completed vs the US? — including US/NATO’s push to Russia’ borders? How many drone killings has Putin accomplished vs the US? And did Putin start the civil war in Ukraine? And who is attacking who in this war? Is the east invading and killing in west Ukraine? And who is supplying weapons to Ukraine? While there has been a string of unproven charges against Russia, Canada just delivered its third fighter jet to Kiev; NATO countries may own their own supply weapons.

    I’m not a Russian fan, but regime change strategies include chaos. While pundents call Obama’s ISIS strategy a failure, to him it is the art of keeping the chaos alive and under control. He is actually attempting simultaneous regime changes, in Venezuela, Syria, Ukraine, to follow with blame-lying and chaos control. This practice has no moral foundation, a course that could lead to America’s downfall.


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