Will Mike Huckabee Win Presidency in 2016?

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  1. Dale Zimbelman says:

    You have failed to mention the man who has everyone talking in the Republican party. The man who was not afraid to stand up to Obama. If he is running, my vote would be for Dr. Ben Carson.


  2. Roberta says:

    I am interested in learning more about Mike Huckabee as President. Where does he stand in different issues, etc. Will this be made clear as we approach election 2016 time?


  3. Ian Fanafi says:

    Huckabee is most certainly an interesting choice for Repubs nominee for POTUS. However, like the others mentioned, Huckabee has been widely yet wrongly mis-characterized, stigmatized, and broadly-painted a dangerous (as in ‘religious’) conservative by the LSMedia and Democrats, which they and his far-right-wing detractors will re-use to seriously smear Huckabee’s run for the GOP nod.

    Therefore, while I agree with your praise for Hucakbee’s Pope-like statesmanship, I think he and the other probably candidates are best considered only as VP choices on the GOP ticket.

    All that means, however, is that an unknown CHARISMATIC, PERSUASIVE, and AUTHORITATIVE LEADER with the strength of his convictions to look into Americans’ eyes, talk straight and confidently about saving America from Obama and his minions… and restoring America to greatness, has yet to emerge from the shadows to win the GOP nod (and beat soundly HRC).


  4. bc3b says:

    Sure the Huckster will be elected President (running on the Bad Music Ticket) and he’ll do the coin toss at the Buccaneers – Raiders Super Bowl game two weeks after taking the oath of office. lol.


  5. steve says:

    Anything will be better than the primate we have in the office now.


  6. Len Diamond says:

    President of Poland, maybe.


  7. FairTaxNow says:

    The best thing about Huckabee is his staunch support for the Fair Tax ever since his run in 2008. He still is calling for it to replace what he calls the illegal entity of the IRS. “I want to be the president that hangs the going out of business sign on the IRS.” -Gov. Mike Huckabee


  8. greg aldridge says:

    Run Mike, run! You will make a great president.
    You will make America more competive.
    Restore American greatness! Please run!
    Last but not least, win jackhammer the UN into the east river. Enough of this acrostic agency.
    Who prop them up and feel sorry.
    Violated human rights committed atrocities.


  9. Reagan Williams says:

    Huckabee 2016
    He is the one to lead all of us.


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