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Apple Braces for Massive iPad Shock

As stunning forecasts go, you’d be hard-pressed to beat this one.

According to respected Apple (AAPL) analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities, iPad sales are set for an imminent crash.

Citing “a lack of new applications, tablet market saturation, and a slow season” in a note picked up by 9to5Mac and AppleInsider, Kuo predicts a brutal few months for the company.

Apple’s rotten period will begin in the current quarter – which is bad news right off the bat, as it includes the critical holiday retail season.

And it seems there won’t be as many iPads in Christmas stockings this year. Kuo says the company will sell 21.5 million of the devices – an 18% year-over-year drop.

The post-holiday hangover will get even worse in the first quarter of 2015, with a remarkable 40% plunge in iPad sales (to 9.8 million), compared with Q1 2014.

This is no idle forecast, either.

Kuo is a longtime Apple analyst, who’s well-connected to the company, its products, and supply chain. In other words, coming from him, it’s a forecast that has some merit.

And if this bout of crystal ball gazing proves to be accurate?

Well, while it wouldn’t strike a deathblow for a company as massive as Apple, such a battering to one of its flagship products (at a crucial time for retailers) would still inflict serious pain at a time when the firm is no doubt banking on a sales boost from iPads, not a huge decline.

And now, from a remarkable forecast to remarkable innovation…

How to Breathe Underwater… With No Oxygen

Think you can breathe underwater?

Okay… let me rephrase that: Think you can breathe underwater without an oxygen tank?

Sounds crazy, right?

But scientists at the University of Denmark are in the process of turning science fiction into incredible science fact.

By playing with the molecular properties of cobalt, they’ve discovered a substance that’s able to absorb, store, and then release massive amounts of oxygen.

In fact, just a few grains contain enough oxygen for one human breath.

Fill an entire bucket with this material, and there’s an entire room’s worth of oxygen.

As scientific breakthroughs go, they don’t get much bigger or more remarkable than this.

Imagine being able to scuba dive without needing to carry a heavy oxygen tank…

Mountaineers could scale the highest peaks without needing to lug an oxygen supply up the slopes with them…

And people who need oxygen for medical purposes wouldn’t need to have oxygen delivered… nor haul the tanks around with them.

This is a very, very early-stage discovery, so don’t expect to see it hit mainstream society anytime soon. But its potential is pretty thrilling.


Martin Denholm

Martin Denholm

, Managing Editor

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