New Senate Sure to Cash in on Coal

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  1. marlene says:

    I most certainly welcome the return coal as another source of affordable energy. Perhaps, if this time, the producers will clean up their mess before they leave the site, there will be less antagonism against it. It’s a relief to have one of the thousands of thorns the Obama administration put in our sides, removed. What’s next republicans? I look forward to your next success. We surely do need some.


  2. gerald says:

    It’s high time that our elected representatives put the country first instead of pandering to wack-job liberals. This president needs to be stopped from destroying our country which he seems determined to do!!! GOP!!!!


  3. billy says:

    What’s next for repubs? Why, of course, polluting the Earth for future generations, starting unjustified wars, making the rich richer, and letting corporations not pay there fair share in taxes. And of course we don’t want affordable health care.
    Yeah, go republicans.


    John Vance Reply:

    You would not be a flaming liberal, would you Billy ?
    Your sister Obozo hasn’t done to well. LOL, wake up !!!!!


  4. Robert says:

    The return of COAL will be welcomed by many states. I always thought the release of burning coal was not a good thing for our atmosphere, but I was informed that the safety of the miners was left to chance by the owners (too costly). Only time will tell if the REPUBS will legislate for ALL concerned.


  5. Glen says:

    Billy is a flaming libitard. Probably thinks we need to cap open volcanos which put out more pollution than coal every day. Doesn’t understand that we need to bring corporate $$ back to this country to stimulate growth and is part of the Nanny State if he thinks that the ACA is affordable.


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