Commemorating Our Veterans

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  1. Frankie Diaz says:

    “Honor.” “Ultimate sacrifice.” You forgot to include, “for the Glory.”

    Remember Billy Joel’s song, “We Didn’t Start The Fire”? Let me start one; let me make it burn high.

    “Our” veterans, you say. I didn’t send anyone to fight for me in other lands. I didn’t ask anyone to send their children to “fight for liberty and demo-crazy” in someone else’s house.

    All I ever ask is to be left in peace to do my work, serve my clients, take care of my loved ones. But dear Leviathan, from which Mr. Brown eloquently quotes, doesn’t care for what I (or anyone) wants. Apparently Mr. Brown (and ALL who have ever received the bloodied paper coin of the Realm) is a follower of Leviathan, for he honors those who bloody their bayonets AND their families in the name of Patriotism.

    Feh. I prefer mercenaries. They take a job, they fulfill it, get paid, go home. They don’t expect ticker tape parades nor to be called “hero” for killing some poorly trained and poorly equipped schmuck whose only crime was being born in a place with mineral riches and no infrastructure.

    Did you know the Anointed One, aka the Christ, advocated PEACE?!? So, what’s this abomination in the Temple dedicated to the Christ of “honoring” those who “fought” for their country? If He were back, a whole lot of churches would be emptied by His righteous whipping of every blood-letting preacher and fool.

    Stop justifying all your crimes. Pull back, leave well enough alone, and defend thyselves against Leviathan.


  2. Walt Martin says:

    Excellent article Mr. Floyd. Our men should not be constrained in battle. They are taught well and know right from wrong, unlike our present enemies in the middle east. They shouldn’t be led and used by politicians who don’t even respect them within the confines of the White House gates.


    Pat Hickham Reply:

    Walt you are not very bright …. the “enemies in the middle east” as you described are created by the same politicians that send these troops in the first place. Remember, they were not the first ones that started the war. It was these politicians and businesses meddling in others affairs and take a side in issues that didn’t concern you. Next time your neighbors are having a fight, pick a side and see what happens. Once you get dragged into that conflict, don’t blame “the enemies”, instead blame yourself for picking a side. Otherwise stay neutral or shut up.


  3. Jesse says:

    As a Vet of 20 years I find it quite disgusting that those who protect this nation are paid less than those who serve burgers or coffee. In 1979 Carter gave the Military a 12% raise, and even after it we earned on average of 20% less than those doing the same job as a civilian. It has only gotten worse. When DC shifted our raise start date to Jan instead of Oct as before we lost a large sum of our pay because the prices of everything went up in Oct at the start of the Fiscal year. This has kept us well below what civilians make doing the same job, but then they are not doing the same job since we of the Military would have to go into harms way if called up to fight as well as doing our normal job. We spent months at sea and in other lands where we were sometimes HATED, and there were times that was in America of all places. So we are getting far below what we should but I, like many, did not serve to get anything but to repay a debt we cannot really repay: that being for the Lives lost to get us our freedom. So do not honor me but do it for them.


  4. Bonnie W says:

    Amen to that. Why are our men & women sent to the Middle East to fight a war that I believe we shouldn’t be fighting. Let them take care of their own problems. We need to take care of our own, lord knows we have plenty to take care of. We need to secure our borders, protect our right’s, protect our America. Those who want to change what makes America great by taking everything they hate away, I say take your garbage and go back to where you came from. Make the necessary change in your own country and leave America free and those who keep it free alone.


  5. Tom Soriano says:

    It’s gotten to the point that the corruption and incompetence in our government is costing America the lives of our fearless warriors and protectors! Why our Armed Forces personnel are putting up with what’s going on, is beyond my understanding. Unfortunately, I don’t believe that what Obama and his administration are doing is based upon incompetence. Someone once told me to, “Beware the dumb fox” and that’s exactly how I would describe Obama! To all of our “Heroes” at home and abroad, I wish you God’s Speed and every possible happiness!


  6. V. Fuller says:

    I, for one, do appreciate the sacrifices our Veterans –going back to the days of the Founding Fathers of the Great Nation– have made. Many will talk about caring about the Vets, some will attend concerts to commemorate them. I choose to fight to protect our Constitution and yes, like you, Mr. Brown, I want to keep Gov’t accountable or change the Gov’t that doesn’t serve the people. That’s why I ran for public office on more then one occasion.

    I’d love to agree with you that the political leadership has corrupted the military chain of command. I’m sorry, weren’t these real men in leadership of our military? When did they loose their balls to erect their backbone and defend and protect their underling? Our sons and daughters aren’t just fodder to the ruling elite. How many times did we not get news that American soldier(s) got killed by a trainee, while training, Iraqi or Afghan troops? And yet just this month, this president announced to send more Americans to go and train Syrians. But that is not all that gets my blood boiling. Now our Armed forces are “experts” and sent to go and fight Ebola in Liberia? Is he nuts, or is he so full of himself that he believes he’s GOD!


  7. Rick Wiese says:

    I’ll try again. You, the bastion of free speech, why don’t you list the fine politicians who killed the bill to help veterans? And again, you won’t do it because you suck from the same teet.


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