Amazon’s Last-Ditch Attempt to Crush Netflix

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  1. Rowdy Ropp says:

    Just like operation of a vehicle in bad weather, poor preparation, reckless planning, and failed reaction timing can cause a catastrophic result. Thanks for some sense in direction in this big business game of dollars and sense. Hope life’s treating you well.


    Rowdy Ropp esq.


  2. Dragan says:

    The consumers see the Internet as the replacement for TV (cable) subscription.
    The Companies see it as the replacement for DVD sales.
    Who got it right first (or best) will take the market.
    It’s quite simple, really.


  3. Billie Hub says:

    I think you’re wrong. Netflix has inferior movies and lots of them. Then there is the fact that most are British based, murder mysteries anyway! Then there are allllllllllll the foreign films.

    Amazon gets the newest, well produced flicks, and if they stop raising the price of watching them, will continue to get my business.


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