The Obama Grenade Is About to Go Off

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  1. M. Kanuric says:

    We, the Obamacrats, the ‘Obama coalition’, we don’t want him to be like Bill Clinton. Farther from Bill = better.


  2. Irvan says:

    Obama ain’t no Clinton! He is much worse than Clinton even THOUGHT of being. If they would hang him today, I would NOT miss him one bit.


    Wayne Reply:

    Hanging? Didn’t we do that back in the day for TREASON? That would be appropriate but I think prison would work just fine in this President’s case.


  3. azsd says:

    Obama’s narcissistic sociopath tendencies won’t let him ever admit that there is another way to do this as in listen to the legal citizens of this country who have definitely sent him a clear message. No amnesty in any form ever again. His reaction is absolutely consistent with a sociopath.

    Deport the illegal aliens now. Secure the border permanently with no excuses permitted from this point on. No more illiterate, criminal, gang, sick, needy illegal aliens need to receive this lottery amnesty by our presidents edict ever again. Punish employers who hire the illegal aliens, stop their unlawful access to our public entitlements as in welfare of any kind. Never have understood who opened that door anyway, it should be completely illegal and has to be changed if it isn’t already so.

    Finally, there is nothing wrong with legal immigration in this country. Once all the meddling fingers of this administration are removed, it works just fine and as intended. Don’t let this administration or Congress change this agency as well though Obama has tried in every way to do so. And the motto is going forward, “Come here legally, or don’t come at all.”

    Amnesty has been a mistake since Reagan did it in the 1980s. It is a big problem and creates a mess because all it does is encourage more illegal aliens to come here illegally. What is sensible about that!


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