World Manipulated Into Buying Saudi Oil

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  1. Mustosheer says:

    Karim, the only way for U.S. to be on top is the elimination of Saudis and the collation of Iran and United States. Further drop in oil prices will translate further drop of Petro dollar in the market.
    See it this way, Petro Dollar will be replaced by Chinese Yuan as world reserve currency if U.S. congress refuses to strike a comprehensive nuclear deal with Iranians. The survival of U.S. dollar is on Iran with one promise within: the departure of Saudi Royal family and the arrival of Shia control in the region. Iran has Yemen on its side now. All it needs is the Shia control of Saudi Arabia which 80 percent of Saudi’s oil is coming from. We also should remember that the U.S. has well over 16 million barrels of excess oil that they want to sell to the world market. But with the current prices at 78 to 80 dollars a barrel, it will not be possible to gain profit, so by elimination Saudis from the picture, Iran and United States of America can jointly control the world together, regionally and internationally.


    LarryCtx Reply:

    A combination of Canada, USA, and Mexico, as NAFTA was originally expected to be, could be the worlds largest oil producer. This would bolster the dollar and make all these other shenanigans unnecessary.


  2. walnut says:

    In reply to Mustosheer:

    Either you are seriously misinformed and misguided or you are an Obama acolyte trying to promote his Islamic agenda, or worse.

    – The Chinese Yuan is not going to be the reserve currency in the foreseeable future. Your comment shows you know very little about money in general and about China in particular;

    – Less petrol dollar to the ME and the Jihads is good for the world;

    – “… if U.S. congress refuses to strike a comprehensive nuclear deal with Iranians”. With that, you could be an Iranian operative for all I know.


  3. Thinker says:

    Will the US start selling cheaper oil to Asia and Europe?? Competition is the name of the game. One seller sells at high price to Asia and Europe, come in a new seller lower his price to Asia and Europe as he can afford as he is getting cheaper oil from the 1st seller. So it’s business as usual for shale producers?


  4. Thinker says:

    Just pondering…..why does the US need to buy oil from Saudi when now it is self sufficient?


  5. Robert Khan says:

    Agreed with LarryCtx 100%.

    It is time North American leaders much more integrate Mexico, Canada and the US.


  6. Jan Hazo says:

    The real issue seems to be that other countries to whom the US has pledged ‘a duty to protect’ still rely largely on oil from the Middle East and by that therefore, Saudi Arabia is a Principal partner. While the oil price war could dent the Saudi cudgel the fact remains that for movements from one point to antother oil is still king. That is the basic position that makes the Saudis so powerful. The US may do away with crude imports but her EU and Asian allies certainly are coming more in need of oil imports than ever before and there is just no economically viable option available to the US strategic interests for the short and medium term.
    Lets also remember the collateral damage to some allies of the US that are not in any way on the opposite side of the fence as per say Russia, Venezuela, Iran and a few other oil exporting nations. many of then are likely to lose whatever stability the oil income has provided drawing the US into sometimes localised conflicts that may not be so amenable to interventions as we saw in Iraq and Libya and Syria


    Ed Ski Reply:

    You mean Israel, right?


  7. Spear says:



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