Harley-Davidson: More Tech, Less Roar

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  1. Scott Morris says:

    The article has focused on HOG and its tech, but PII has positioned itself years ahead of HOG with not only their Victory line up but also the addition of Indian. Polaris in my opionion has the greatest future potential for innovation, Harley Davidson will be playing catch up for many more years.


  2. Craig says:

    I rode the LiveWire as did my wife and not only were we impressed but all the other die hard Harley guys were beaming after demo riding Harley electric bike. Harley shouldn’t worry so much about trying to make an electric bike that appeals to every Harley rider. From what I saw at the LiveWire demo at Kansas City, Mo. at Worth H-D there were guys poo – pooing the bike until they actually rode it and then they became believers. I’m sure Harley has zero intention on abandoning the ICE but they also see that electric vehicles, hybrids and the coming fuel cell vehicles are something that is happening and picking up steam. Harley has no intention of becoming irrelevant or becoming a follower and that is the reason behind the LiveWire. When it comes to being a follower we need to look no further than Polaris.


    Leslie Reply:

    You may like LiveWire, and this may be the future, but as far as looks and all goes, it is one ugly bike. Just as the other ventures into look-a-like rice burners do. I prefer a design closer to heritage or other cruiser style, but I’m one who cares more about the journey than the speed. And an electric would mean staying close to an outlet, which is opposite of the true freedom a bike gives me.



    Harley Davidson may have problems marketing “tech” a liquid cooled V-2 is long overdue be cause Harleys rear cylander has always had cooling problems. I predict that sales for the electric hog will not do well. People like the Harley sound, and electric cars and bikes are not compatible for long trips. How much will the electric weigh?


  4. ashley says:

    The female population is the perfect target for this new bike! Better make a pink one…


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