Robots Unleashed on Ebola?

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  1. JOL says:

    Start by sending over 3000 Ebola robot care givers and keep our soldiers in the U.S. Better yet, send them to the border states.


    vee Reply:

    What border states? Hope your not talking about Canada. We have no need of Robots talking over our health care process. Japan has gone the way of Robots in health care and their stories about the harm these robots do to people.
    This Ebola could be used to replace people in health care.


  2. Jim says:

    American taxpayers refuse to pay billions of dollars to provide robots to foreign countries. Neither will we permit the U.S. Govt. to print additional worthless USD (inflation) for this same purpose. We are already severely overtaxed and over inflated.


  3. Shen says:

    Obama is good at putting people out of work. He encourages companies to go outside the US where less regulated, at the cost of American Jobs — and now wants to replace working people with robots. Perhaps that is why Obama (obviously influenced by big money) insisted keeping our borders open: allowing foreign diseases to come in.


  4. steve says:

    So Obola still wont apply travel nor border restrictions nor any other type of quarantine protocol. However, AFTER people are infected, he wants us all to pay for robot nurses so that the disease is isolated and wont spread (!!!!????)


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