Rand Paul Fights Congress’ Privileges

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  1. Mike Drouin says:

    Sadly there is still 8% Americans that still have their heads so far up their butts it wouldn’t matter if Obama grew horns and declared he was the Devil himself!!!
    It’s going to take a united front to defeat the corruption that exists between our legislators and Banks, Unions and Big Business, and if we can’t correct the corruption that exists in our Governing body then Almighty GOD surly will!!!


    vikki Reply:



  2. vernon kruger says:

    Make the politicians accountable for their actions and support their oath instead of selling this country for 30 pieces of silver.


  3. Roger Schweikert says:

    Replace elections altogether with single tem limiting national, state and local lotteries.


  4. Albert says:

    Why don’t we just get rid of Congress, keep the President and the Senate, and the Senate will have to go to the people through computer to approve whatever they want? Just think of how much money we save!


  5. vikki says:

    If we the people do not turn back to God and the law of land founded by our fore-fathers God will shake this country. Not in judgement, but to wake us up, to warn us that if we don’t get back to bible, judgement will come. Look around at all the warnings being sent to us, and still we do not repent and return to God. We are a Christian nation and we Christians need to pray for forgiveness and turn from our wicked ways, than God will hear our prayers and heal our land. If u don’t think it could ever happen here, look at all the never before in history things happening now. Wake up America. Wake up the church of America. This is happening on our watch. Be Blessed.


  6. Dean says:

    Two thirds of the state legislatures can demand a constitutional convention to add an amendment that will establish term limits for the congress and the senate. Also it should limit who can be lobbyists. No former senators, congressmen or family members. That would at least be a start in eliminating some of the corruption.


  7. Buddyboy says:

    But if they stop their crimes against the American people, how will they raise money to stop them from committing the crimes? Every time Obama violates his oath of office or commits treasonous crimes, I get an email wanting donations to stop him. Committing crimes are great ways for politicians to raise money. What ever will they do? Enact the laws and put the criminals in jail? Oh, heaven forbid!


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