The End Game for ISIS

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  1. T.Curry says:

    Just maybe the President knows more about dealing with Islamist than he is being given credit.


    ByGeorge Reply:

    No, he marches to his own drummer. After he makes America a begger state relying on arabian oil, he will then create an oasis of green by filling the place (Saudi Arabia) with golf courses.


  2. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    The way that things are being done toward ISIS makes no sense, unless you figure in that to a Muslim dying in a holy war is no big deal, since they think they’re going to ‘Paradise’. So Obama & other nations bombing them can be done to cover up that our President is a Muslim, through & through. And will take whatever means necessary to bring America to its knees.


    John Reply:

    Correct observation. He was apparently put in office by Iran or some such group with his marching orders being to crash the USA. What has happened to the U.S. can’t be a coincidence. It’s a deliberate plan to destroy America. What I cannot figure out is why the liberals wish to destroy the same place they are currently living.


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