Are Countries Leaving the EU?

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  1. Muhjesbude says:

    Imperialism has been an Anachronism ever since Rome fell, basically from over extension of its resources, and mismanagement of an overly complicated empire.

    As smaller countries/cultures realize they don’t really require military dependency nor solvency upon larger countries, and as Science and modern commercial technology makes this easier..

    ..the end of ’empire’ building throughout the world–at least in the old ‘divide and conquer’ pattern, will eventually arrive as we now see with the EU.

    As far as the United States ever breaking apart, it’s not impossible, but unlikely any time soon because America is already ahead of the curve in a different capacity. It is currently the first country ruled by power elite Corporatism, as opposed to the typical oligarchic model throughout the rest of the world and the egalitarian free electorate paradigm as was once envisioned by our Framers.

    In other words MONEY is our government, our rule of law, and our philosophy. And the country’s wealth is ‘distributed’ in an interesting and generally acceptable system of competitive enterprise known as free market Capitalism.

    So the rest of the world is just catching up to that at this point.

    And then there is a Constitutional Amendment, I believe, that precludes whimsical seceding by the states.


    Old_Gringo Reply:

    Where in the Constitution does it say states may not secede? Not that I am in favor of secession…


  2. Joe m says:

    Only a return to Bretton Woods will allow a semblance of order for the developed world. While that mey be its own form of straight jacket, it will be an honest one


  3. terry shead says:

    I am conservative but just fed up with these plonkers who lie never answer questions never talk about the real debt around one point 7 trillion.
    Ukip is more open they want us out of Europe, David says he is going to give us a vote on Europe you have got to be kidding.


  4. Paul says:

    Great article: shows what CAN happen at the ballot box. I have to think we have something like that going on with possibly the Tea Party people, or the party I intend to vote for, the Libertarians.


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