Our Last Line of Defense Against Ebola?

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  1. 4TimesAYear says:

    “a nurse in Dallas was diagnosed with the Ebola virus after having extensive contact with a patient who later died of the deadly virus”
    It wasn’t so much her contact, but the fact that she wasn’t wearing adequate protection. A BSL-4 pathogen requires a BSL-4 suit – which none of them were wearing. They were also not going through a decontamination process before removing what they were wearing. The CDC unfortunately stated that “any hospital can treat Ebola patients” which is a flat out lie. As a result some 70 health care workers were put at high risk of getting the disease, and now since one nurse who has been diagnosed with it traveled while she had it, many others were exposed. Please don’t confuse panic with appropriate alarm. I can’t believe the carelessness with which this has been handled: “voluntary quarantines” have been violated – they should have been mandatory from the start. It’s the only way to stop Ebola’s spread. Take a look at history and how the countries that had to deal with it managed to stop it – it was through strict quarantines.


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