The Most Dangerous Charade Ever Concocted?

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  1. p.c says:

    A bunch of commies. That’s what the government is about. Enough said.


  2. Norm says:

    A friend working for AIG explained this Obamagov chicanery back in 2009.
    Has taken a lengthy time to come to public light!


  3. Muhjesbude says:

    Good work on revealing this sort of thing in the proper context.
    It’s interesting to someone of my academic background–which used to be considered ‘trite’ in the grander schema of ‘traditional’ history, is now providing the reality material for exposing some sinister government monkey business that is starting to get out of control.

    You are helping to prove, as my professional research has always found, that there always was a ‘government within a government’ since the early days, and it’s definitely not a ‘conspiracy theory’. Indeed, it is a factual unconstitutional conspiracy on their part.

    Also interesting is your quote by JFK. Unwittingly, or by the nature of his personal philosophy, he and is brother were always anathema to the conventional political status quo. The public had little knowledge of this due to the necessary duplicitous nature of your ‘public image’ in political marketing.

    But he always had ‘issues’ with behind the scenes power elite and eventually his untimely–or perhaps very timely for others–demise was because of this. Along with his brother’s.

    We don’t have much time left before we reach a tipping point from which there is no return.

    We must save our liberty and especially our personal privacy, or nothing else really matters after that.


  4. gmon says:

    Quince is a fruit. I like mine as a jelly where the quince is crushed and pureed. I wish we would do this to our illegal agencies.


  5. Gorka de Zamakona says:

    It is the same type of conduct tolerated by the Germans while Hitler fought his way to the top, and America once again proves that their complacency will be the bench mark of the death knell of a once promising democracy.


    JIMOFCT Reply:

    COMPLACENCY! This is responsible for today’s political landscape!
    Absent eligible “Voters” who don’t vote are the complacent Americans who are “Allowing” the “RADICAL PROGRESSIVES” to win office and remain in control of our federal government.
    Bureau of after bureau of the bloated, continuously growing, and more and more controlling agencies are “TRANSFORMING AMERICA”.

    Main stream media continues to serve as the “propaganda” distribution arm of these “PROGRESSIVES” to convince the complacent in America that government is the solution to their problems and provider of benefits for them.

    TAXPAYING CITIZENS can not sustain the costs and the borrowing’s existing debt levels are already beyond this generation and probably the next generation’s ability to pay.
    If 2014 and 2016 elections do not see a significant decrease in Complacency by our eligible voting citizens and result in the removal of the dominance by “PROGRESSIVES POLITICIANS” there will be a loss of American values and capabilities and status in the world that we will most certainly regret.
    Our children and grandchildren will come to realize that the “Complacency” of this generation resulted in their declining society.


    Antnysig Reply:

    So true. The “WASP” establishment in this country always favored Great Britain over Germany. Had the tables been reversed, WWII never would have occurred and “Fascism” would be a footnote in history.


  6. Charles Adams says:

    A lot of the Founding Fathers did the same. Just read American history.


    Charles Adams Reply:

    Many of the Founding Fathers did. Just read Amesrican history


  7. David Wirfs says:

    Seems that we all are losing tract of our fundamental values set forth by our forefathers. A man placed in such high authority should not hide behind fictitious names because he doesn’t want to receive email. He should stand up for what he believes is the right thing to do and not be afraid to put his name on the line. There are too many secret and subjective groups with agendas that lay far outside the Democratic agenda that need to be corralled. The only way that this can happen is for them to become public.


  8. MR ROBERTS says:

    Mr. Quince is a shadow within a shadow government!


  9. Svedka says:

    Fantastic comments!


  10. Graham says:

    This process has been ongoing for many years in Africa, the UK and much of Europe, besides the rest of the world.
    Why now the shock and horror in the U.S.?
    Wake up people! This is human nature on steroids when absolute power corrupts!!!


  11. Charles Adams says:

    Read American history. It was common that our Founding Fathers wrote many articles under alias names to the press. Hamilton wrote many articles under alias .


  12. Wendy says:

    Yeah, it reeks of secretive behavior. But the way the Government has been butting in to people’s lives today and going after whistleblowers, an alias is entirely justified!


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