Are We Entering a Bear Market for Oil?

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  1. marlene says:

    Now we need to topple the price of gas at the pump.


  2. Darren Exendine says:

    “Oil investors care little about the family struggling to make it at 3 dollars a gallon. This country is really absurd. The stock market drives prices in to oblivion for the “nominal” American while the investors soak up the profits. Little concern is given, noticed, or even considered for the impact of these open markets on the overall economy. It is a POOR economic decision for a country/Government to allow stock ownership to effect the price of the commodity. It sickens me to see a single parent have to spend 50.00 to fill a gas tank to go to work to keep a roof over hungry kids just to fill the pockets of a futures bet. Greed is killing this country…


    Tyrone Drawdy Reply:

    Thank you for telling it like it is. Wall Street is distroying America and they don’t care because they have Marie Antoinette syndrome. They need to remember what happened to her…


  3. Black Eagle says:

    The Bush dream of ending OPEC dominance comes to fruition, sweet! Maybe now they will stop funding the big Green tree hugging political machine!


  4. Edward Cox says:

    How stupid can people get? We spent 40 years and trillions of dollars because from the 1940s on the U.S. exported its oil wealth to the rest of the world so lowlifes like the Rockefellers could become filthy rich. Oil and gas are strategic resources and should be permanently banned from export.


  5. DG_WTF says:

    I see it more that the Saudi’s are threatened by ISIS, and since 1973 with the first oil embargo Nixon and the Saudi’s made a treaty — The Saudi’s would ONLY Accept US Dollars for oil (becoming the World Reserve Currency), and the U.S. would protect them from any invasion. That is what happened to Saddam: After invading Kuwait, he started planning to invade Saudi Arabia – that is when Bush 41 went after him – then when Saddam got back to Iraq he started selling his oil without U.S. Dollars and that is when Bush 43 went into Iraq–and now the British, Russian, India, Chinese and others are planning to start doing the same thing– using their own currencies.


  6. Gerry Staack says:

    Re: Are we Entering a Bear Market for Oil?
    Wall St Daily, Oct 8.

    Karim Rahemtulla’s elegy for the suffering marketeers, if oil prices fall by $30 per barrel, does not gain my sympathy. Instead of backing the millions of consumers who will profit at the pumps with lower prices, he seems to encourage a major middle-east crises, a re-emerging China, or US oil exports to maintain investor profits.
    Thank God that there are analysts like him with a “responsibility to unborn generations of investors” to remind us of what true corporate conservatism is all about.


  7. Leonard Murphy says:

    The problem is capitalism. U.S. Oil companies are motivated by greed. True competition would result in production cost in the U.S. at 30 dollars per barrel.


  8. Roger says:

    If what I’ve seen about the oil we have here in the U.S. is true, why do we even get oil from Saudi Arabia? If the price of oil would come down as it has for the last week or so it would make it possible for people to buy other stuff they need, and this would help the economy.


  9. giley says:

    What goes around comes around. It looks like greed has caught up with OPEC. Sadly, it took too long for America to get to this point. Now we can no longer blame fighting the evil Muslims in the middle east for the sake of oil. Now they will have to find ways to grow more crops in the desert. In the meantime, Putin has his hands full trying to prop the ruble.


  10. Pat Hickham says:

    Did it even occur to any one (including Karim) that the Saudi’s are not necessarily going after the American oil industry instead everyone (including the Americans) secretly want the oil prices to stay low enough to hurt the Russians and want the world to continue trading oil in US dollars? If the Saudi vs. american oil industry was a real scenario then Saudis would have picked that battle against the Canadian (tar sands) 10 years ago. We can easily survive on north american oil, but its just a game being played to hurt Russian revenues.


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