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Options Basics: Trade Like a Pro!

Welcome to Options Basics: Trade Like a Pro! In this two-part video series, we’ll teach you how to trade options and beat the market every time.

The simplest way to define an option is by explaining the benefits it provides for the investor. And Part 1 of our series introduces you to the basics of options – what they are, how they work, and why you should use them.

You’ll see a step-by-step breakdown for trading options and the difference between buying and selling. We’ll also review the four types of participants in the options market: call buyers, call sellers, put buyers, and put sellers.

Options Basics Part 1:


Now, in Part 2 of this tutorial, we’ll show you how to profit from options – and how to read an options chain by walking you through a real-world example.

Be sure to pay attention to the bid and ask prices, as they represent what buyers are willing to pay (bid) and what sellers are willing to accept (ask).

At the end of the tutorial, we’ll pose a very important question: “Why should I use options?” Then we’ll help you answer that question by reviewing two main uses for options: speculation and hedging.

By learning to understand and trade options, you’ll not only add another weapon to your investing arsenal, but you’ll gain insights about the inner workings of some of the market’s most profitable companies.

Options Basics Part 2:


Now that you have a basic understanding of options, you’re almost ready to start trading and maximizing your potential – just like the pros!

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Here’s to beating the market (again and again).