Ebola Hits U.S. Shores… Tech to the Rescue?

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  1. Jim Moloney says:

    Bio Meridian makes a modern version of a machine that zaps/kills virus’s once it knows the frequency at which the virus vibrates. Royal Rife invented the 1st. model of it in late 1920’s. If we can find out at what frequency the virus vibrates, maybe we can then program the Bio Meridian machine to zap it with it’s own frequency


  2. Rita Mehru says:

    Kinsa is a smart thermometer that connects to your smartphone to track fever, record symptoms and create a real-time map of human health. If we are scared of Ebola, we should all start tracking the minute we get a fever bc even if it isnt Ebola (likely it isnt), we can track things like flu and other contagious illness.


    Jake Reply:

    It also seems crucial that we attack the virus at it’s source in Africa to stop the exponential spread of Ebola.


  3. Jake says:

    The single case of ebola in the U.S. has dramatically increased the media mentions of the virus. Ebola: The anatomy of a media outbreak http://zignallabs.com/ebola-the-anatomy-of-a-media-outbreak/


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