Protests in Hong Kong Damage the Global Market

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  1. G13Man says:

    shouldn’t our government threaten China with sanctions for these people like we did to russia over Ukraine ?


    Yellow Ribbonman Reply:

    These ‘sanctions’ have no real impact. Did you see Putin stop after he was ‘sanctioned’? The only way forward is just to openly support the protesters, and to ensure that the wave of ‘disobedience’, (as seen in the eyes of the Chinese Government) doesn’t stop. If this wave doesn’t stop, the Chinese government will eventually wake up to the fact that this is not to its interests- Hong Kong is the biggest, most famous city in China. As long as this wave keeps on going, the Chinese government has no choice but to cave in.


  2. CALARISTOS says:

    China created a problem that didn’t exist in HK. It is entirely unlikely that an HK leader hostile to China could be elected in a free nomination and election system. Most in HK will ‘go along’ with mainland control. PRC didn’t want to depart from mainland practice of pre-selection of candidates. This refusal will increase resistance in Taiwan to ‘reunion’ and tarnish PRC in SE Asia. Tyranny with a smiling face just won’t ‘play’ in the modern world. Economic consequences seem to be emphasized rather than the issue of ‘freedom’. But this is a politically advantageous PRC mistake for the US. Fear of China means reliance on you know who.


  3. walnut says:

    Economics aside, I hope this is the beginning of the end for communist rule in China.


  4. Mateen says:

    Many people in Hong Kong have been protesting because they want their government to change to a democracy and as a result damages have been made to the global economy. Currently a communist party is in charge of Hong Kong and the leader refuses to step down. With the change of the government to a democracy, people will be able to vote for the chief executive that they believe is best. One of the main groups that have been protesting and aren’t talked about here are the people included in the Umbrella Revolution where they would use umbrellas to make them show that they are united as a whole. This relates to the American Revolution because they are both fighting for freedom and a democratic government.


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