Is America Sleepwalking Into WWIII?

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  1. warren says:

    We fund both sides of all wars. The Bush family and friends supported Hitler. We have a system of debt and controlled slavery here. All BS and hypocrites. 911 and Boston were staged. They the rich want wars and poverty and division. And now they have it all under control, real human beings want peace ! All systems are fake and not for the better of humanity !


  2. zerrubabel (@zerrubabel) says:

    Thanks Floyd,

    We have been seeing it come for a long time. Too bad that about 80% of the American population is walking around in a daze….


  3. rebecca dewhirst says:

    Absolutely right, just read the Bible…we are in the end times and Jesus will be returning…read it and weep or be saved…it is up to you.


  4. jamesmmm says:

    But lets not forget that WWI was technically not a World War until the US was persuaded to enter the war….indeed, Germany and GB had made great progress towards reconciling, and they were about to end the war…it might have ended there, but….


  5. Mustosheer says:

    Can you tell me where did you get about fraise about Mohammad?
    “Muhammad himself in 627 AD, after taking Medina’s Jewish tribe, Banu Qurayza, personally beheaded hundreds of Jews.”


  6. arshloch says:

    The reason obummer like moo-slums is, as they say, “he are one”. He attended moo-slum schools in the third world, which one can not do unless you are a moo-slum. If you have read the moo-slum scriptures it is fine and dandy to lie to anyone who is an infidel, and obummer is the most accomplished liar the world has ever seen.


  7. Frances C says:

    Thank you for attempting to make folks understand the truth behind Obama’s mistaken reasoning. He is too willing to sacrifice US citizens and too hesitant to sacrifice the extremist Islamists for the sake of protecting US and world wide citizens from barbarism. Why is the big question!


  8. Frederick Preston says:

    And America will lose WW3 – due to an ignorant, inept leadership and populace. This place is no longer worth saving, good riddance.


    Arden Reply:

    we will lose, and that’s not the bad news.. Yes, there were many external influences that took us to WW1 and 2… This time we will have nobody to blame but ourselves… at this point we deserve what fate comes of us… what shadows my thoughts is WW3… there will be no winners…


  9. Robert Pearce says:

    My take on the present situation is not only with our President Mr. Obama but why is our government is allowing such congressional blunders. It sounds to me that the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing.
    It is always easy to blame an individual but the brute force comes from within each party. Where is the bipartisan of congress? Why is Congress not doing something about all the mistakes and lies?
    I’m sorry to say that my opinion is that our Government Today is failing us citizens.

    A very concerned AMERICAN,
    Robert Pearce


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