Turkey’s True Potential Set to Be Unleashed

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  1. Afiq says:

    If oil is finally found in Turkey then the country will be a very powerful country. It already has a vibrant economy even without oil. With oil, it could reach European level of developement within decades.


  2. A says:

    I think it’s been found! Hence the coup organised by Hillary


  3. D.C. Tuncay says:

    You are both correct. The future for petroleum exploration in Turkey is huge, both on and off shore.

    The only thing that saves Turkey from being plowed under like her neighbors, is her reluctant membership in NATO, without which the west would not have as solid a base to operate from in the region. This is especially evident now as the west’s propaganda now prepares Iran to be served last as the dessert on the NWO menu.

    The failed coup left egg on the face of CIA/NAT/FETO that can not be denied. The recent visit by UK PM May to Trump and then Erdoğan, culminating in the sale of British made jet fighters to Turkey tells the tale.

    When the under the table deals are done and Syria is brought to heel, all Near and Middle East pipelines will then transverse Turkey, which will find herself as the distribution hub, into those European nations who supported the demise of Syria for cheap energy. Turkey’s reward for stabbing her Muslim brethren and former Ottoman states.

    All of this has effectively stolen the thunder from the racist exploiter EU with their now limp dangling carrot of membership – which Turkey certainly does not need. The EU will soon be beholden to Turkey on cold winter nights. Mahşallah!


  4. JR Holt says:

    Proof please allegations are just words show us the proof.


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