Did Obama Just Resort to Mind Control?

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  1. Lodewijk Hof says:

    It is a terrible story. Especially as the tax organisations are so terrible greedy. They need to be controled and learn how to balance a budget.


  2. Daryl says:

    How can anything “create over 100%” of anything?
    Suggest you proofread the material a little closer if you want to retain credibility.


  3. CITIZEN KANE says:

    Excellent piece by this author. Well grasped at the concept of dilution, deception and hegel’s loop.
    -“Watch the left hand and do not worry about the right.”


  4. G13Man says:

    it is our govenment , to many – bureaucrats , rules , regulations , departments , & military complex ….


  5. Daniel S. says:

    The last 3 paragraphs are the key. There are a lot of other issues taking place in the USA and other countries around the world that people are not paying enough attention to as well. Will we smell the Coffee before the aroma has dissipated? Maybe all the Starbuck’s and other Coffee stands have made us immune?


  6. Len Diamond says:

    If it is mind control you’re exempt


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