How Obama Might Kill 80% of America

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  1. Mr Lol says:

    Typical American hyperbole spewed forth by someone who thinks they have mad google-fu skills. You bluster red faced looking like an extremist (republican right) for your cause. Ebolas potential for an air transmission mutation is in the 0.000th percentile. Even your own heads of there field have said its unlikely (thought ud atleast listen to your own people).

    You presume a lot. Like thinking that a country leader with countless advisors and experts in the fields of which he’s acting in, would not have a plan in controlling who comes back, even then if he does, uve already flown in 2 Americans, and subsequently cured them, so why are you acting like it’s the end of the world.

    Obama realises Americas involvement in the Middle East had not made things better, slowly bled your economy and shifted geopolitics against the west (which is real handy right now with China and India shacking up with Russia). He’s putting your country first now, screw the world he wants to fix his homeland.

    So the question is, why are you stopping him?


    Suzy Reply:

    He wants to “fix our homeland”? Is that what you said? Boy are you the one grossly misinformed. You think maybe letting all these “ILLEGALS” in, is fixing our homeland especially with this Ebola virus spreading? Getting us more and more in debt as if we are not already up to our noses in debt? And I could go on and on but it would take me over an hr here. I say tell it like it is as this writer did.


    Jack Reply:

    Since Obama wants to send troops there to fight a virus, why doesn’t he himself visit there for a week or so after the troops get there with the same exact gear that the troops have and the same exact training – no more and no less? I’ll tell you why, he’s as scared as a cat in a room full of rocking chairs. If he makes the big money then why can’t he put his own life in the same danger for just a week that he expects our underpaid soldiers to be in for possibly years? Think about that.


    SARAH Reply:

    Delegating authority and action is what
    Presidents do; did you fail 9th grade Civics? This is one of the most courageous leaders we have been fortunate enough to have. Just being a president amounts to putting
    one’s life in danger , and have you noticed at all the aging
    that occurs with this horrendous responsibility? I have an idea; why don’t YOU go over to Africa as an observer, get some facts in black (pardon the expression) & white, then, let us all rejoice in the truth for a change.


    Kat Reply:

    The Ebola virus just touched down on American soil today in Dallas, Texas. How do you like those apples fool?


  2. Orvell Froloff says:

    When are people going to wake up and realize what the motives are for sending 3000 of our troops to be exposed to Ebola?


  3. awoa121 says:

    Why in the world is no one in the Pentagon stopping this ill-advised action of a mad man? To send our ill equipped young men to Africa to face a disease when they are needed to fight fanatics is frankly insane. The end results of this actions could cause a plague in this country which we are ill equipped to handle and would in all cases probably wipe out the majority of our population. OUR SOLDIERS ARE NOT TRAINED TO FIGHT DISEASE BUT OTHER SOLDIERS. When will this insanity end and Congress take back the reins of government and to be honest grow a set of balls and impeach this traitor to the American way of life and it government and principals.


    KRIS o'BRYAN Reply:



    Cathy Reply:

    Sir, you couldn’t of said it any BETTER!
    Thank you!


  4. mike Drouin says:

    This seems to be the status quo of our leaders on Capitol Hill , to Legislate without considering the secondary consequences because it caters to a special group . This is exactly what happened when they allowed the Banks to take our Mortgage notes and change them into stocks to be gambled away at the largest casino in the Northern Hemisphere called the NYSE . The result ….The worst recession since the Great Depression and an Administration that bails out the Banks and supports the criminal Fraud committed against Millions of Americans stripped of their equity and driven from their Homes from sea to shining sea . No doubt Obama is batting a thousand ……..


  5. LYLE SHECKLER says:

    Mr. Obama is no fool. He is a very intelligent individual. Whatever he does has been carefully planned. We Americans can trust that all of his moves are made after all ramifications have been considered.

    When considering that he was a disciple of Reverend Jeremiah Wright, one might want to reconsider his motives.

    If I recall correctly, The Good Reverend said something like, “Do no say God bless America, say God D**mn America.” from his pulpit, prior to being “thrown under the bus.”


  6. Irvan says:

    BHO is the most worthless ANIMALE on the face of this earth.


  7. M. Tanner Frey says:

    Alfred Lord Tennyson didn’t know Barack Hussein Obama when he wrote “The Charge Of The Light Brigade” with “Theirs not to make reply, Theirs not to reason why, Theirs but to do and die: Into the Valley of Death Rode the Six Hundred”. But he was actually describing the current Commander-in-Chief. Obama has just deployed 3,000 of our best young military – into the Valley of Death (Ebola ridden).


  8. bill alexander says:

    that’s his plan save the Islamic but destroy and kill our military


    ray Reply:

    You’re exactly right, Bill..


  9. Victor says:

    You just instill fear spread viscous lies you offer no alternatives no constructive dialogue and mistatements and uncorobotive facts! It’s ibvious you just have an insatiable hatred for the President although I am no fan of his nor did I vote for him you are no journalist, reporting half truths slanted and simplified versions of events are just propaganda you throw around to stimulate an ill informed public


    SARAH Reply:

    A voice of reason in a wilderness of madness. Thank you so much. I thought that I was in an insane asylum of some sort where the inmates act out their sad, pitiful lives and bitter disappointments.
    You are correct: there is no Journalism visible here.


  10. Kevin S says:

    It’s all part of the plan invisioned by the international Oligarchs. These psychopaths want to murder 6.5 Billion humans in order to set up their global dictatorship. Osama bin Obama is just following the orders given to him by his masters. For the global elitist’s plan to be successful, America MUST be the first to fall.
    I never thought I would live to see this particular reality, but Russia may be the last hope for humanity, as Vladimir Putin is the only political leader who has the testicles to stand up against the self-appointed world rulers.
    As a patriotic American, I would never have thought such a thing were possible in my lifetime, but, here it is, for all to see.


    SJC Reply:

    Yes, the Oligarchs rear their ugly heads through many a bought man or woman. Obama is one of the most prominent. He does not love America. He will not take an appropriate stand against enemies in the Middle East. He is not guarding the borders of this country, one of his primary jobs as Commander in Chief, and one failure that will bring great tragedy to these United States. And yes, the psychopaths have planned the demise of America. And if/when it happens, Putin will try to have his way here, and we may all learn to speak Russian, or at least those of us who are left after the atomic bombs explode on US soil.


  11. Brucee P. Gaskins says:

    if Poland and the Baltic countries had a rifle in every house, bolt action, rebarreled to NATO cartridges, bolt-face and feed altered, maybe, Russia would never invade them. aaaaaaprone or siting position, good sight pictue,are learned quicklly, sqeezing the trigger takes much practice.Iron sights will do for a head at a block´´s distance, scopes for a tank´s sight aperture. Comparatively quick and cheap.
    Bruce P. Gaskiins


  12. Major Variola says:

    Famine, plague, war, or birth control. Choose. I guess you have.

    Too late. Game over.

    The West will begin mining the harbors and cratering the airports so nothing can leave. They will landmine the jungle. Anything that leaves is sunk or shot. Snipers sans Frontieres. Quarantine with extreme

    Civilization is a choice. Make it. Soon.

    Or don’t, and the population goes back to the under-billion level before the West started feeding everyone…


  13. Lynne Hicks says:

    Africa is Obama’s homeland and perhaps he should go and help save his continent from Ebola.
    The UN said their troops were not qualified to deal with the Ebola virus and what makes Obama think our young soldiers are??
    This is all part of Obama’s strategy to bring America down – spread the disease; he’s been following the Cloward-Piven strategy to decimate America. Obama is the disease that is rotting our country to the core….the enemy within.


  14. Joanne says:

    We cannot allow Pres. Obama to send our military young men and women over to Africa and expose them to a deadly virus they have no control of. These military personnel are not equipped nor experienced in viral contamination. Obama is not only putting the lives are men and women into jeopardy but when they return they are putting the United States into a possible pandemic. This man, Obama, is a treasonous Marxists enemy of United States of America. He needs to be removed from office and hung for treason. If something is not done soon, we will find ourselves being attacked by our enemies and being involved in different pandemics that we have no medical solutions to.


  15. Len Diamond says:

    Only Floyd Brown could turn a humanitarian commitment into crime, but if Obama did it — that’s enough for Floyd.


  16. Reverend Jim says:

    What’s wrong with this picture?

    Would we send doctors and nurses to the front lines to do battle with ISIS, Al-Qaeda, or Russia? I think not. They may be excellent at what they do, but most have absolutely no training or skills when it comes to the weapons and military tactics required on the battlefield. So why would send send the military anywhere to deal with a medical crisis when they lack the proper skills, training and equipment?

    I’m sure that if President Obama’s wife or children fell gravely ill he’d want the best doctors in the country to treat them – not a drill sergeant or even a military medic; yet he sends the military to fight Ebola.

    As the Bible says, (or if you don’t believe in the Bible, then as common sense tells us…) “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

    And regardless of what one person has expressed, just because Ebola HASN’T mutated doesn’t mean it CAN’T mutate. Most viruses eventually do; and they never seem to mutate into a less harmful form.

    (End of sermon)


  17. Dave says:

    Well at least the U.S. Government has mutated into an ever more harmful form.


  18. VirusCancerKiller says:

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